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How can you get a instructor licence? What requirements and knowledge are necessary? And how do you find the right entry into the fitness industry? If you are an enthusiastic athlete, you may have already felt the desire to turn your hobby into a profession and to support others in their sporting goals as a fitness instructor. This requires a instructor licence. Your questions about the Fitness Instructor Licence are answered here.

Get your instructor licence and become a fitness instructor

In principle, anyone can become a fitness instructor. All that is required to work in a fitness studio is a B licence instructor licence. It is the entry level and is considered the basic training for fitness instructors on the floor.

With your instructor's licence, you can apply for a job as a instructor in any gym and start your career. You can then expand your knowledge with additional qualifications to increase your expertise and salary as a instructor.

The costs for the instructor's licence range between 600 and 1,500 €, depending on the type of training and academy.

Requirements for the instructor licence

To obtain a coaching licence, you only need to have reached the age of 18. Other licences or certificates such as the C licence are not necessary. The C licence is included in our B licence training.

Of course, an enthusiasm for fitness sports is a basic requirement for the fitness instructor training. You should also be prepared to familiarise yourself with topics such as anatomy, tissue types and the cardiovascular system during the training. This basic knowledge forms the basis so that you can subsequently master training theory and training planning in fitness and weight training.

What is the difference between the Fitness Instructor A and B licence?

The fitness instructor B licence is the basic training as a fitness instructor. It is the basis for working as a instructor in a fitness studio.

The B licence teaches the basic knowledge required for this: The basics of training theory, the creation of simple training plans, the use of equipment, anatomical knowledge and nutritional basics.

The A licence builds on this knowledge and provides more in-depth knowledge in the area of individual training planning and dealing with orthopaedic restrictions and typical clinical pictures of the clients.

B licence
A licence
Entering the fitness industry Highest licence level
Basic knowledge  Deepens knowledge from the B licence
Cell theory, tissue types, cardiovascular system Circulatory System & Muscular Science
Basics of training theory Individual training planning and control
Simple training plansStrength testing & body fat measurement
Handling equipmentMethods for mass sport, competitive sport and performance-oriented strength training
Basic nutritionSports medicine basics
Basic anatomical knowledgeDealing with orthopaedic limitations
Dealing with typical clinical pictures
Special client groups (senior citizens, children)

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What does the instructor's licence cost?

The costs for the instructor´s licence depend greatly on the provider. Mostly, face-to-face courses are significantly more expensive than distance learning courses and online training. With online trainer licences, the fitness instructor B licence costs 767 €. 

What are the contents of the instructor´s licence

For the fitness instructor licence, you learn everything you need to know to be able to optimally look after your clients as a instructor. First you learn the basics, such as the structure of cells, the cardiovascular system and types of tissue, as well as special information about the musculoskeletal system and muscles. Building on this, you will then learn everything important about training theory, creating training plans and the basics of a healthy diet.

Flexible training duration

Depending on how much time you have to study, you can also complete the training in a very short time and are not bound to fixed class times or exam dates.

No matter how much time you take for your instructor licence, thanks to the sophisticated learning software, the high-quality 4k video material and interactive learning success checks after each module, you will be optimally prepared for your final exam. The average duration of our training courses is 27 days, the record is 1 week, but you can also take up to 6 months.

Individual exam dates

The exam takes place at one of our exam locations with one of our lecturers on one or two days. You have the flexibility to arrange a date and location with your examiner and decide whether you would like to take the exam on one or two days.

We have more than 20 examination locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland - so there´s sure to be one near you! Once you have successfully passed the written and oral final exams, you will hold your trainer's certificate in your hands and be a state-certified fitness instructor.

What can you do with the trainer's licence?

Once you have your coaching licence in your pocket, we have many options open to us.

1. Turn your hobby into a profession
"If you really love your job, you'll never have to work again." Imagine if you could turn your passion into your job. You would get up every day motivated and looking forward to helping your next client achieve their goals. You would have fun at work every day and pass on your positive energy to others.

2. Instructor as a sideline
If you´ve been looking for a way to build a second career as a fitness instructor alongside your current job, then the trainer's licence is a great option for you! Imagine the flexibility of doing your trainer's licence online alongside your current job and now having a perfect balance as a fitness instructor.

3. Become an expert yourself
Maybe you don´t want to work as a fitness instructor yourself, but just want to build up your own expert knowledge. Everyone out there is telling you something different. You need a solid foundation so that you can celebrate your own successes. In fitness education you acquire this expertise to optimise your own training.

Where can I take the practical exam?

You can take your exam at one of our exam locations of your choice in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Here you will find a selection of the most popular exam locations:

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How does a fitness instructor training course work?

To get your trainer's licence, you need to complete a fitness instructor course. You can complete this training in different ways. Most people think of the classic classroom training, which takes place either in blocks or in the evening. These classes are bound to fixed dates and are therefore rather inflexible. This makes the training complicated and the trainer's licence unattainable for many people who, for example, are single parents or work.

We have created a solution for this with the flexible online training: With the Online Trainer Licence, the fitness instructor training takes place online, as the name suggests. This means that you can easily complete it from home or on the road. Access to the online campus is available 24/7, so you can study for your trainer licence at any time of the day or night. This way, the training can also be integrated into your everyday life.


You have 1.5 hours a day
If you find time for about 1.5 hours a day, i.e. 10 hours a week, you can complete the training in just one month.

You have 1 hour per day
Or you learn 0.8 hours a day (approx. 50 minutes), i.e. 5 hours a week, then you can complete the training in two months.

You have 0.5 hours per day
If you only find time to study for 15-30 minutes a day, then you can complete the training in 6 months. 20-30 minutes a day, that can be a bus/train ride or warm-up time on the cross trainer .

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