Distance learning fitness instructor: How does it work?

Is it even possible to complete a fitness instructor course as a distance learning course? The answer is: Yes! On this page we will show you how distance learning as a fitness instructor works

What exactly is a distance learning course?

A distance learning course is nothing other than an online course. With a face-to-face course, you receive the lectures from the lecturers in a classroom on site; with a distance learning course, you can view them conveniently in the online campus. In addition, you benefit from our interactive learning software and a written final exam on the iPad (if required). In this way, you can learn the theoretical knowledge at your own pace from the comfort of your own home.

Advantages and disadvantages of distance learning

Advantages of online training 
Disadvantages of online training

No temporal or spatial restriction
→ You can learn in your own environment where you feel comfortable and not under stress.
No direct contact with teacher and classmates
→ This contact is established through Facebook or Whatsapp groups.
You are completely independent of time and place when it comes to learning.
→ This way, distance learning can be integrated into every day life. 
Less interaction
→ According to studies, online courses challenge interaction in certain individuals because they offer shy and more reserved individuals the opportunity to speak up through online communication (e.g. chats) and thus be more active than they would be in traditional classes.
You save costs (no travel costs, no travel expenses etc.)  Less interaction
→ According to studies, online courses challenge interaction in certain individuals because they offer shy and more reserved individuals the opportunity to speak up through online communication (e.g. chats) and thus be more active than they would be in traditional classes.
You benefit from digital learning to a high degree: you learn with modern teaching materials in the form of videos, interactive learning software, Q&A webinars and online scripts.
→ Training content is regularly checked by the ZFU (for topicality, correctness and completeness).
No possibility to ask questions
→ Through our webinars, we regularly offer you the opportunity to exchange ideas with an expert and actively ask questions and clear up ambiguities.
With online training you are your own master
→ You determine your own learning speed and can repeat content as often as you like until you have really internalised it.
Online education requires self-discipline and self-motivation
→ If you have them or even learn them through an online training, you can benefit from all the advantages such as flexibility and independence.
Your learning success does not depend on your daily form or the personal taste of the lecturer. Lecturers are more like tutors and advisors.
You are self-determined as far as the duration of your training is concerned. It doesn't matter how much time you have to study per day.
There are no fixed dates, you can also choose the examination date and the examination venue (only attendance days) yourself.
You can access the knowledge 24/7 at any time and never miss a thing.

How does the distance learning fitness instructor course work?

To start your training, simply purchase access to our e-campus for your desired instructor licence. Then you log in to the online campus and can start learning directly. You then work through the contents of the training module by module.

You can check your learning status with the help of interim questions after each module. The last module is followed by an online midterm exam, which you must pass in order to be able to register for the attendance phase of your fitness instructor training. Don't worry, the online midterm exam is not graded and you can repeat it as often as you like. It only serves as your own preparation for the written final exam

For your attendance phase, you arrange an individual appointment with your examiner at your desired location. You can choose from examination locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As a rule, the attendance phase takes place on two days. On the first day, you will have 1-to-1 supervision with your lecturer. You can practise together on the equipment and ask all your open questions. On the second day, both the written exam on the iPad and the practical exam take place.

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Distance learning is just as recognised as face-to-face courses!

If you are wondering whether a distance learning fitness instructor course is just as recognised as a traditional classroom-based course, you can rest assured.

Our training courses are state-approved by Staatliche Zentralstelle für Fernunterricht (ZFU). The Academy's quality standards are regularly tested and certified by TÜV-Süd. In this way, we can guarantee a high-quality distance learning course that is just as recognised as other face-to-face training courses in the fitness sector.

Your licence remains valid for life and you can prove your expertise worldwide with the certificate.

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